October Days

October was a busy month at the Long Island School. In addition to our regular curriculum, all students too the NWEA test, and 2-5th grades too the Gates Reading Test. We wrapped up our study of Earth Systems, and will begin learning about Early America, a study that will culminate in a visit to Norlands Living History Museum.

Here are some pictures of us working our way through October. 


September Scenes

We wanted to share some scenes from Our first week of school. It is hard to believe we have only been together for a few months! Students have worked hard to follow our new routines, and have settled in nicely.  Some highlights: studying, drawing and classifying insects, reading Rohl Dahl, discovering the magic e, Fiction Friday writing, playing with play doh, learning how to find the area of a shape, counting by 5s, learning the word “sphere”, and how it relates to the earth’s changing surface, and shared poetry. Here are some pictures!

Making words, The Autobiography Project, Healthy Snacks

We’ve started a new program for most students called Making Words. It’s an interactive, hands on approach to spelling and word manipulation. Kids seem to enjoy it! We have also begun an Autobiography Project in which students will tell their stories through prose, poetry, illustration, lists, and timelines. Be on the lookout for family participation! Here are some images of the week. Another fun part of our curriculum is making healthy snacks to go along with our study of nutrition and wellness.  We made toast creatures 🐻🍞

May is here… but where is the sun??

We have had a glimpse of the promise of spring, but it’s been feeling more like March! The one upside is that the gray weather is less enticing and keeps kids’ minds off playing outside and more in the classroom🤔😜

We are deep into our study of immigration. Make sure you check Friday folders for a family tree page. The kids are enthralled with this study and are making thoughtful connections and asking great questions. We’ve also begun units on The Human Body (3-5) and he Fuve Senses (K-2). Were all studying Health and Nutrition using the 5210 program. 

Here are some shots from the week! Enjoy!

A visit from JROTC

We had a great visit from the Lewiston High School Junior ROTC. They taught us about the importance of Honesty, Integrity, and Excellence. After we learned about what it means to be a cadet, we played team building games, learned how to fold a flag, had snack together, and listened to a presentation on inclusion.  Here are some pictures from the day.